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ezSite – What is it, and why is it the web publishing tool for me?

It’s a configured and hosted content management system (CMS), we can tailor any of it to your needs…

  • Have you been thinking about getting your business on the web for some time now but you’ve been worried about where to start?
  • Have you already tried using some of the website builder tools, and found that updating your site was a problem?
  • Did your previous site design lack professionalism and style?
  • Were your previous site’s running costs too high? Were you relying on a team of developers to make your changes and updates for you?
  • Did it cost too much and take too long to get your previous site updates done?

There are many pitfalls for first timers on the web. Some can end up costing you lots but with little return. Some will consume lots of time.

We offer a professional design and hosting service which allows you to take control of your site. We design a professional looking layout and template for your site and then you create and update the content of your site. We’ve spent the time creating an easy to use interface for you to manage the content of your site – so naturally we called this product ‘ezSite’.

With ezSite you pay a one off setup and design fee and then a recurring monthly hosting fee. This hosting fee, currently NZ$40 + GST, includes use of our administration templates. This allows you to stay in full control of your website.

“But wait, there’s more…”.  There’s an excellent library of plug-ins (add-ons) available and so we’re likely to be able to find something with minimal delay and cost to make things work for almost anything which you have in mind.

Our aim was to offer a web product that allows you to make the most of your website without having the cost of relying upon a team of developers to do your work for you. We wanted to make it feature rich and flexible so that it would suit almost anyone’s needs.

Within our ezSite package we’ve included ‘easy to use’ methods of manipulating graphics that includes a service which will scale your graphics to fixed sizes when you upload them to your site. We do this to allow you to easily and effortlessly maintain a consistent and professional look throughout your site. It also saves you the need to know how to alter and scale your pictures. You just scan and upload – we take care of the sizing for you.

Whilst making it easy to use, we don’t limit what you can do to your site with a lower level of expertise either. You have the ability to include javascript in your pages along with the more advanced methods of publishing pre-formatted HTML into your site. If you want, you can create tables and save the HTML from any modern publishing software and use that HTML output within your pages.

Navigation of your site is key to making the visitor’s experience on your site as productive and enjoyable as possible. We have spent months refining the navigation and the structure within the ezSite product. It is structured to make browsing simple. Main Pages lead to optional Sub Pages within the main Navigation Bar and expanding Sub Menus keep the display within the browser clean and uncluttered. There’s no imposed limit to how many levels you can have.

Search Tools are inbuilt and available on the top of each and every page within your site. This search will pick up words from ANY installed, and published page. This is an excellent way for your users to find exactly what they want within your site using minimal effort and time. With so many information sources on the internet this is a crucial tool for your visitors.

You might have a need for pages in your site that do not live within the Navigation Bar. Supplemental pages provide more detailed information about things on one of your Sub Pages perhaps?  We have ‘Extra Pages‘ for this.  These pages do not live in the structure of your Navigation Bar You link directly to them from within the content of your other pages. The need for these pages is not often apparent until you start to develop your ezSite.

Your changes to the content on your site are in real time. There is no delay in publishing your alterations / new pages. This means that your ‘work in progress’ alterations could be seen by visitors who are browsing your site when you are making these alterations. Don’t worry! We have thought about this. Draft Pages are pages which allow you to work on the content without making it public. You can work on these pages, and preview them until they look perfect.  You can then publish them to the required section of your site when ready.

If you’re worried about being let loose on your own website and you’re concerned about not making a pig’s ear of it, please don’t be. We have taken care of most of the major concerns of our users. We have a history tracker / undo tool, which allows you to revert back to any of your previous page contents. This takes care of those ‘Ooops, I didn’t mean to do that!’ situations. It encourages you to play and to experiment with your site, allowing you to learn from these accidents rather than get stung by them.

We invite you to give us a call at 0508 WEBDESIGN and to talk through your website requirements. We are confident in our product and we’re sure that it will suit your needs. Please remember that if it doesn’t fit your needs exactly, we wrote the product ourselves so we’re in the right position to tune it to your requirements.